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Hay Chamber Music Festival 2016

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The Fitzwilliam String Quartet:

Lucy Russell, Marcus Barcham-Stevens,

Heather Tuach, Alan George

For the second year the Fitzwilliam String Quartet brought friendliness, joy and wonderful music to Hay for their Fitzwilliam Festival Weekend.

On Friday they were joined by Dragonfly for sextets by Strauss and Tchaikovsky and a trio by Beethoven. A large audience in St Mary's Church were very enthusiastic about the rousing performance which started off the Festival.

Saturday was Shostakovich Day with a splendid film shown in Booth's Bookshop Cinema about his life and work and featuring prominently the original members of the Fitzwilliam String Quartet. The film was presented by the eminent documentary maker Barry Gavin whose film it was. After a delicious Russian meal, served in the café next door, we went upstairs into the bookshop for a concert based around Shostakovich's 4th Quartet. Before we left, Barry Gavin and Alan George, the viola player from the original Fitzwilliam Quartet who had been guided in Moscow by the composer himself, talked informally about their experiences of Shostakovich and his music.

For the final concert on Sunday, again in St Mary's, the Fitzwilliam String Quartet prepared a concert of baroque music with the young professional chamber orchestra, Sinfonia Cymru and renowned keyboard player Tom Wilkinson who joined the ensemble on harpsichord and put St Mary's historic Bevington organ through its paces in Handel's Organ Concerto in G minor. Again the music-making was of the highest standard and the tea and cakes served in the interval quite delicious.

All in all the Fitzwilliam String Quartet created a wonderful festival of musical delights, brilliant programmes and an informal atmosphere which was enjoyed by a large and enthusiastic audience.

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The Dragonfly String Trio:

Moray Welsh, Marcia Crayford, Susie Mészáros


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Complete List of Past Concerts

Key to venues:

B = Richard Booth's Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

D = Dorstone House, Dorstone

St M = St Mary's Church, Hay-on-Wye

C = The Castle, Hay-on-Wye

L = Llanigon

T= The Mill, Talgarth




April (B) Sterling Wind and Keyboard Trio

May (B) Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

July (B) Castalia String Quartet

July (B) Thomas/Kempton - Harp/Violin Duo

August (B) Louise Thomson - Harp

September (B) Rory Russell - Guitar

October (B) Alexander/Newbold - Bassoon/Flute duo

November (B) Handel German Songs

December (B) Gagliano String Trio


January (B) Cambrian String Quartet

February (B) Caird Oboe Quartet

March (B) Catherine Hughes - Welsh Folk Songs

April (L) Ivan Ilic - Piano

May (B) Fitzwilliam String Quartet

July (B) SILD - Estonian and Welsh Folk Music

August (B) Downes/Jefferis - Violin/Cello Duo

September (D) Gagliano Piano Quartet

October (B) Castalia String Quartet

November (B) Moray Welsh - Cello

December (B) Music for Viols and Voice


February (B) Harmonie Musik - Wind Quintet

March (B) Michael Jones - Cello

April (T) Julian Boyce - Baritone

May (St M) Choir of Hereford Cathedral School

June (B) Wingate Ensemble - Flute and Strings

July (D) Tianhong Yang - Piano

September (B) Sian Winstanley - Soprano / Stephen Gordon - Guitar

October (B) Janacek Film with Castalia Quartet

November (D) Jayson Gillham - Piano

December (B) Mavron String Quartet


February (B) Sterling Trio - Flute, Clarinet and Keyboard

March (B) Fitzwilliam String Quartet

April (B) Dragonfly Ensemble

May (B) Tre Voci - Cello Trio

July (C) Flourish Wind Quintet

August (B) Jones/Maruri - Cello/Guitar Duo

September (B) Kiel Baroque Ensemble

September (D) Jayson Gillham - Piano

November (B) Crayford, Welsh, Meszaros (Dragonfly)

December (B) Tom Guthrie - Baritone / Johan Löfving - Guitar


January (B) Maciek/James - Clarinet/Piano Duo

February (B) Newbold/Thomas - Flute/Harp Duo

March (B) Welsh National Opera Chorus Members

April - Festival (St M/B/D) Fitzwilliam String Quartet with Dragonfly and Friends

July (D) Lee/Baek - Violin/Piano Duo

August (C) Scherzo Brass Quintet

August (C) Flourish Wind Quintet

October (St M) St Petersburg Chamber Choir

October (St M) Edgar Speyer Concert - Jeremy Fisher - Piano / John Hymas - Violin / Hannah Grove - Soprano / Olivia Gomez - Mezzo-soprano

November (B) Zoltan String Trio

December (St M) Choir of Clare College, Cambridge


January (St M) Rachel Podger - Baroque Violin / Chad Kelly - Harpsichord

February (St M) Duo Concertante - Nancy Dahn - Violin / Timothy Steeves - Piano

April - Festival (St M/B/St M) Fitzwilliam String Quartet / Dragonfly String Trio / Tom Wilkinson - organ / members of Sinfonia Cymru

June (D) The Rautio Piano Trio

July (D) Clare Hammond - piano

August (C) Enigma Duo: Katherine Thomas - harp and Laurence Kempton - violin

September (D) James Gilchrist (tenor) and Anna Tilbrook (piano)

October (St M) Voskesrenije Choir of St Petersburg

November (B) Dragonfly String Trio

November (B) Flauguissimo Duo (Hay Winter Festival opening event)

December (B) Ligeti String Quartet with Peter Florence


January (B) Rhiannon Llewellyn (soprano) and Laura Snowden (guitar)

February (B) André Pereira (violin) and Josh Salter (cello)