Past Events


A Memorable Evening at St Mary’s Church on

7 September 2019 given by


Max Baillie – violin, Ruth Gibson – viola, Robin Michael – cello, William Conway – cello

String Trio Plus Composite.jpg

Beethoven (1770 – 1827):  String Trio Op 9, No 1 (1797)

Alfred Schnittke (1934 – 1998):  String Trio (1985)

Reinhold Glière (1875 – 1956):  Four Duos for 2 cellos, Op 53 (1950)

Anton Arensky (1861 – 1906):  Quartet Op 35 in A minor – version for violin, viola and two cellos (1894)

Impressions of one audience member:

The enthusiastic, committed playing by these outstanding musicians, who obviously believed in and thoroughly enjoyed the music, was an enormous pleasure to see and hear.  The choice of the Russian themed programme was inspired with the opening Beethoven full of joy and vitality.  And then the Schnittke.  Wow!  I know we were not supposed to ‘enjoy’ this work, but it held the attention throughout with such changes of mood and the trio of Max, Ruth and Robin rose to the technical challenges with great skill.  I was particularly blown away by the extended faultless harmonic passage in the cello: Robin obviously has complete mastery of his instrument.  The unfamiliar music continued with the lovely cello duos, charming and elegant with interesting contrasting tonal qualities from each instrument.  Finally, the Arensky, again not a work with which we were familiar, but what a gorgeous unusual line up with two cellos.  The final exuberant violin passage from Max Baillie was stunning and his technical wizardry was a wonder to listen to and watch.  Altogether a most memorable evening. 

Michael Hession

Hay Music marks its One Hundredth Concert in July 2019 with three contrasting events

CoMA London Ensemble

A weekend’s ‘Celebration of Music in Hay’ to mark Hay Music’s One Hundredth Concert began on Saturday evening, 13 July, with a concert at Hay Primary School featuring the CoMA (Contemporary Music for All) London Ensemble and children from the school - the youngest performers to play in a Hay Music concert. The programme comprised a varied group of pieces, all by living composers - Kirsty Devaney, Gregory Rose, Philip Cashian, Piers Hellawell, Simon Speare, Peter McGarr and Dominic Murcott - chosen to illustrate the wide range of styles that have emerged over the years. All the pieces were Welsh premieres! Music director of CoMA London Ensemble since 1999, this was Gregory Rose’s last concert as conductor as he continues with many other projects including composition.

The CoMA London Ensemble

The CoMA London Ensemble

Rachel Podger and Kristian Bezuidenhout

In complete contrast, on Sunday afternoon, 14 July, Rachel Podger (baroque violin) and Kristian Bezuidenhout (harpsichord) gave a recital in a packed St Mary’s Church of music of the 18th century - pieces by J S Bach, C P E Bach and Handel. Their music making was completely enthralling and we were honoured to have these two world renowned musicians play for our one hundredth concert. It was particularly appropriate since Rachel has been most encouraging and supportive of Hay Music since its very beginnings.

Rachel and Kris for website.png

Rachel podger and Kristian Bezuidenhout at St Mary’s Church, Hay

‘Private Passions’: a conversation with John Stark

The final event of this landmark celebration took place on Saturday afternoon, 20 July when a large audience of loyal Hay Music supporters gathered in the elegant music room at Dorstone House for a Hay Music version of ‘Private Passions’, a tribute to Radio 3’s popular Sunday midday programme in which Michael Berkeley talks to well known figures about the part music has played in their personal lives.

IMG_4180 straightened.jpg

Nick Gethin, cellist with the London Symphony Orchestra for many years, talked to Hay Music’s founder, John Stark, with Michael Hession in his new role of DJ playing music extracts on his fine Hi-Fi system. John described his somewhat haphazard early introduction to classical music and, with many insights and humorous anecdotes, his later musical interests and influences.

Please go to PAST - MORE for a resumé of John and Nick’s conversation and for a list of music from which extracts were played.

Past Events

Key to venues:

B = Richard Booth's Bookshop, Hay-on-Wye

BC = Richard Booth's Bookshop Cinema, Hay-on-Wye

D = Dorstone House, Dorstone

St M = St Mary's Church, Hay-on-Wye

C = The Castle, Hay-on-Wye

HCPS = Hay County Primary School

S = The Swan Hotel, Hay-on-Wye

L = Llanigon

T= The Mill, Talgarth


January (St M) Patrick Hemmerlé - Piano

February (B) Robin Michael - Cello

March (St M) Milly Forrest - Soprano, Jo Ramadan - Piano

April (BC) Alice Earll - Violin

May (St M) The Crayford, Clemmow, Welsh Piano Trio (in association with St Mary’s Church)

May (St M) William Howard - Piano (a Hay Literary Festival event)

June (BC) Tippett Book Event

June (D) Raphael Wallfisch - Cello, John York - Piano

July (HCPS) CoMA London Ensemble

July (St M) Rachel Podger - Violin, Kristian Bezuidenhout - Harpsichord

July (D) John Stark in ‘Private Passions’

August (D) Ilya Kondratiev - Piano

September (St M) String Trio Plus - Max Baillie - Violin, Ruth Gibson - Viola, Robin Michael - Cello, William conway - Cello


January (B) The Consone Quartet

February (B) 'Oriental Miscellay' Jane Chapman - Harpsichord, Yu-Wei Hu - Flute

March (HCPS) Sirinu with composer Howard Skempton

April - Festival (St M/S/B/St M) Fitzwilliam String Quartet, Dragonfly String Trio, Anna Tilbrook - Piano

June (B) Zoe Martlew - Cello, Finnegan Downie-Dear - Piano

July (B) Alena Baeva - Violin, Lilli Maijala - Viola, Amy Norrington - Cello

July (B) The Solem Quartet

August (D) Clare Hammond - Piano

September (D) Fidelio Piano Trio

October (St M) Voskresenije Choir of St Petersburg

November (St M) Amyas Duo (Emily Baines and Arngeir Hauksson), Duo Maddalena (Janet Oates and Lucy Green)

December (St M) Elin Manahan Thomas - Soprano, Elizabeth Kenny - Lute and Theorbo


January (B) Rhiannon Llewellyn - Soprano, Laura Snowden - Guitar

February (B) André Pereira - Violin, Josh Salter - Cello

March - Festival (St M/B/St M) Fitzwilliam String Quartet, Dragonfly String Trio, Members of Sinfonia Cymru

April (St M) Chris Brannick - Percussion, Sara Stowe - Soprano

June (St M) The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge

July (St M) The Solem Quartet

August (B) The Camilli String Quartet

September (D) Emma Abbate, Julian Perkins - Piano Duo

October (D) Jayson Gillham - Piano

October (St M) Marsyas Trio

November (St M) The Schubert Ensemble


January (St M) Rachel Podger - Baroque Violin, Chad Kelly - Harpsichord

February (St M) Duo Concertante (Nancy Dahn - Violin, Timothy Steeves - Piano)

April - Festival (St M/B/St M) Fitzwilliam String Quartet, Dragonfly String Trio, Tom Wilkinson - Organ, Members of Sinfonia Cymru

June (D) The Rautio Piano Trio

July (D) Clare Hammond - Piano

August (C) Enigma Duo (Katherine Thomas - Harp, Laurence Kempton - Violin)

September (D) James Gilchrist - Tenor, Anna Tilbrook - Piano

October (St M) Voskesrenije Choir of St Petersburg

November (B) Dragonfly String Trio

December (B) Ligeti String Quartet with Peter Florence


January (B) Maciek/James - Clarinet/Piano Duo

February (B) Newbold/Thomas - Flute/Harp Duo

March (B) Welsh National Opera Chorus Members

April - Festival (St M/B/D) Fitzwilliam String Quartet with Dragonfly and Friends

July (D) Lee/Baek - Violin/Piano Duo

August (C) Scherzo Brass Quintet

August (C) Flourish Wind Quintet

October (St M) St Petersburg Chamber Choir

October (St M) Edgar Speyer Concert - Jeremy Fisher - Piano, John Hymas - Violin, Hannah Grove - Soprano, Olivia Gomez - Mezzo-soprano

November (B) Zoltan String Trio

December (St M) Choir of Clare College Cambridge


February (B) Sterling Trio - Flute, Clarinet and Keyboard

March (B) Fitzwilliam String Quartet

April (B) Dragonfly Ensemble

May (B) Tre Voci - Cello Trio

July (C) Flourish Wind Quintet

August (B) Jones/Maruri - Cello/Guitar Duo

September (B) Kiel Baroque Ensemble

September (D) Jayson Gillham - Piano

November (B) Dragonfly (Crayford, Meszaros,Welsh)

December (B) Tom Guthrie - Baritone, Johan Löfving - Guitar


February (B) Harmonie Musik - Wind Quintet

March (B) Michael Jones - Cello

April (T) Julian Boyce - Baritone

May (St M) Choir of Hereford Cathedral School

June (B) Wingate Ensemble - Flute and Strings

July (D) Tianhong Yang - Piano

September (B) Sian Winstanley - Soprano, Stephen Gordon - Guitar

October (B) Janacek Film with Castalia Quartet

November (D) Jayson Gillham - Piano

December (B) Mavron String Quartet


January (B) Cambrian String Quartet

February (B) Caird Oboe Quartet

March (B) Catherine Hughes - Welsh Folk Songs

April (L) Ivan Ilic - Piano

May (B) Fitzwilliam String Quartet

July (B) SILD - Estonian and Welsh Folk Music

August (B) Downes/Jefferis - Violin/Cello Duo

September (D) Gagliano Piano Quartet

October (B) Castalia String Quartet

November (B) Moray Welsh - Cello

December (B) Music for Viols and Voice


April (B) Sterling Wind and Keyboard Trio

May (B) Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

July (B) Castalia String Quartet

July (B) Thomas/Kempton - Harp/Violin Duo

August (B) Louise Thomson - Harp

September (B) Rory Russell - Guitar

October (B) Alexander/Newbold - Bassoon/Flute duo

November (B) Handel German Songs

December (B) Gagliano String Trio